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This blog website wouldn't be so beautiful without the help of other content creators. I want to thank everyone involved in any way, and for anyone finding the content interesting, here is a list of all third-party resources:

The home page design is inspired by a project made by Julio Codes. He has a lot of great HTML/CSS/JS tutorials on his Youtube channel. Check it out!

People Taking Pictures of the Sunset with Their Smartphones

"Device and OS Version Selection Strategies for Effective Mobile Automation Testing" blog banner:
Photo by Sami T√úRK

Old domed ceiling with sunlight shining through window

"Testing Authentication and Authorization in Web Applications" blog banner:
Photo by Julia Volk

Calm Ocean on a Starry Sky

"The Power of Mutation Testing" blog banner:
Photo by Kostas Exarhos

White Tree Blossoms Under Golden Sun

"Property-Based Testing with ScalaCheck" blog banner:
Photo by Irina Iriser

Grayscale Photo of a Circuit Board

"Circuit Breaker Testing Essentials" blog banner:
Photo by Sergei Starostin

Roadside at night

"Achieving Test Nirvana with Cross-Platform Shell Scripts" blog banner:
Photo by Meruyert Gonullu

Cobblestone House on a Hill Under Evening Sky

"Automated GraphQL Testing: Ensuring Stability and Reliability" blog banner:
Photo by jorge Marcelino

Macro Shot Audio Equalizer

"Elevating Audio Quality Through Practical Automation" blog banner:
Photo by Hendrik B

Green Rice Field

"Navigating Deep Links for Bulletproof Mobile Apps" blog banner:
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh