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This blog website wouldn't be so beautiful without the help of other content creators. I want to thank everyone involved in any way, and for anyone finding the content interesting, here is a list of all third-party resources:

The home page design is inspired by a project made by Julio Codes. He has a lot of great HTML/CSS/JS tutorials on his Youtube channel. Check it out!

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"Beyond Theory: Practical Steps for Writing a Robust Automation PoC" blog banner:
Photo by cottonbro studio

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"Snapshot Testing with Custom Serializers" blog banner:
Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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"A Roadmap for an Effective Test Automation Transition" blog banner:
Photo by Genine Alyssa Pedreno-Andrada

Narrow street with residential houses in late evening

"Accessibility Testing: Striking the Right Balance Between Automation and Manual Efforts" blog banner:
Photo by Maria Orlova

Round Clock Mechanism

"The Ultimate Automation Framework Guide: Introduction and Planning - Part I" blog banner:
Photo by Ej Agumbay

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"The Ultimate Automation Framework Guide: Language and Tools Selection Part II" blog banner:
Photo by Elijah O'Donnell

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"The Ultimate Automation Framework Guide: Test Structure and Organization - Part III" blog banner:
Photo by Pixabay

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"The Ultimate Automation Framework Guide: Supporting Components and Utilities Part IV" blog banner:

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"The Ultimate Automation Framework Guide: Advanced Topics and Best Practices Part V" blog banner:
Photo by Jeswin Thomas

Snowy Field during Golden Hour

"Solving the Multilingual Puzzle: Automation Techniques for Content Testing" blog banner:
Photo by Pixabay