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This blog website wouldn't be so beautiful without the help of other content creators. I want to thank everyone involved in any way, and for anyone finding the content interesting, here is a list of all third-party resources:

The home page design is inspired by a project made by Julio Codes. He has a lot of great HTML/CSS/JS tutorials on his Youtube channel. Check it out!

old map of the world

"An Element Location-Based Approach for Responsive Design Testing" blog banner:
Photo by Nothing Ahead

birds near a river

"Challenges and Benefits of Mocking External Services With Examples" blog banner:
Photo by throughmylife_in_ INDIA

old fountain near a forest

"Making Sense of Performance Testing Results" blog banner:
Photo by Joel Zar

view from inside of a helicopter

"Writing Your Own BDD Framework in JavaScript" blog banner:
Photo by Ricky Esquivel

old circular stone staircase

"Enhancing Automation Reliability with Retry Patterns" blog banner:
Photo by ArtHouse Studio

Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading with chandelier on ornamental ceiling

"Streamlining Test Reporting with Real-Time Dashboards" blog banner:
Photo by Willian Santos

Selective Focus Photography of Turned-on Black Metal Framed Light Sconce

"Efficient Cross-Repository CI/CD: Running Targeted Tests with GitHub Actions" blog banner:
Photo by Pixabay

Silhouette Photo of House

"Harnessing AI and ML for Dynamic Test Data Generation" blog banner:
Photo by Mhmd Sedky

Waterfall flowing through rocky ravine

"Bun's Test Runner: The Future of JavaScript Testing?" blog banner:
Photo by Brett Sayles

Six dices on a table

"Strengthening Software Quality with Monte Carlo Testing" blog banner:
Image by Annette from Pixabay