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Hey there!

Since you are here, I assume you have some questions for me? Hopefully, those will be answered with the help of the following few bullet points:

Technical question related to a blog post

In case you have a question related to any blog posts, please fill in the form below and make sure to set the Request Type to Technical Question. A very important thing is that your question has to be related to the actual content written in an article. Please avoid asking questions that are out of scope, since I probably won't have the time to answer them. Insted, you can write up a suggestion. 😉

Suggestions for a new blog post

We all have been there... Reading some good blog posts and wishing that a specific topic was covered on that website. In case you are one of those people, feel free to send me your ideas. If I find them interesting, I will definitely cover them in some upcoming posts. Just make sure to use the Suggestions option in the Request Type dropdown, when filling up the form.

Write your own article?

You have some great ideas involving quality assurance/automation and would like to write about them yourself? In that case please use the My Own Article option for the Request Type form field. If the article is good and well documented, I will definitely publish it! The article would be of course published under your name.

Partnerships and collaborations

For any type of partnership or collaboration please use the same form on this page with the Partnership/Collaboration option in the Request Type dropdown.

Everything else

And in case you have a question that is not related to any of the above topics, you can use the Other option from the Request Type dropdown. If, for some reason, you don't get a response within three days, send us an email at contact@thegreenreport.blog.

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